Pastor Paul Kim


B.A. in history, Biola University Master of Divinity, Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary Master of Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary Ph. D. in theology, Baylor University

About me…

Proud to be A.L.A.

Grateful to be ‘Baptholic’.

World Class Stationary Bike Rider.

Married to Jaimy for over 20 years.

Proud father of 3 daughters

Loves to Read, Hike, Cook, and Chat with Friends.

Pastor Paul I Kim


Pastor Paul I Kim’s life can be summed up with 3 M’s. The first “M” signifies the Miracle of God’s Mercy.  He grew up as a devout Buddhist and planned to be a monk after his retirement.  He also had strong antagonistic sentiments toward Christianity and did not have a good impression of the church when he first participated in a church youth group.  Against all odds, he received Christ in his heart at the age of seventeen after two years of a spiritual tug-of-war with God.  He thought that he would be the last person to become a Christian and certainly the least qualified to be a pastor of God’s church.  Now, he is an example of God’s double miracle or miracle of double mercy.

The second “M” stands for Multi-Cultural and Multi-Ethnic experience of life.  Pastor Paul was born in Seoul, South Korea but grew up in Argentina and Venezuela.  He is not a typical Asian-American and calls himself “A.L.A. (Asian-Latino-American)”.  He lived in Los Angeles and the Bay Area for 18 years and then in Princeton, NJ for 3 years before moving to Texas in 2002.  Pastor Paul believes that his confused trilingual and marginalized immigrant life experience has opened his eyes to appreciate different people from diverse backgrounds.  Calling himself an “A.L.A. mutt,” he is not ashamed of his lack of mono-cultural and mono-ethnic center.

The final “M” stands for Mission.  Pastor Paul came to Texas initially to finish his graduate theological studies and moved to Dallas to teach at Dallas Baptist University after his Ph. D.  Slowly but surely, he recognized God’s call to make DFW his permanent home and last stand for God’s work in his life.  He believes that he is not an accidentally transplanted resident of the Lone Star state, but a providentially guided agent of God’s kingdom in the buckle of the Bible belt.

As an intentional Texan, he dreams to make Forest Community Church a home for people who are serious about God’s love in Christ and love to obey Christ’s Great Commandment and Great Commission.

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