Youth Pastor Esther Na

Fun facts about me

  • Proud UT Longhorn alum
  • Lived in Thailand for 4 years…can also speak Thai!
  • Has been to 8 countries
  • Has flown a plane
  • Currently attending Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

More About me…

Like many Christians, I grew up in a Christian home and church. On one occasion when I was in elementary school, I went on a family retreat and heard the Gospel message. On that day, I believed and gave my life to Christ. My motivation to be a “good” Christian led me to many church ministries such as Praise Team and VBS, and I also did my best to attend church every Sunday, tithe, go to revivals and retreats, and more. Little did I know, it became more and more difficult to myself as a “sinner” and more and more easy to judge others. When I went to college, God began revealing the condition of my heart to me – that I am a sinner in need of a Savior. It wasn’t new news, but this reminder convicted me to repent and re-commit my life to Christ.

After graduating and entering the working world, I not only continued to attend church, but remained involved with my church Praise Team and Youth group. But I began growing restless, wondering, “What is the purpose of going to church, retreats, revivals, and Bible studies? Is this what I will be doing until the day I die?” When bringing these questions before God, I came to the conclusion that they ultimately led to God’s heart for the nations. However, I felt discouraged I did not have a heart for the lost, and asked Him for that heart. Over two years, the desire to take the Gospel to the nations began to grow. Around the same time, my local church, New Life Fellowship, was mobilizing a team to go to Thailand for at least four years to plant house churches.

In July 2011, I arrived in Chiang Mai, Thailand with a team to begin the ministry of bringing the Gospel to the Northern Thais. While serving, I learned much about sharing the Gospel cross-culturally. Before I returned to the U.S. in August 2015, I was able to witness the salvation of 4 of my students. Surprisingly, upon seeing their new life in Christ, I suddenly felt inadequate and ill-prepared to teach and disciple these new believers. I returned to the States with that burden and am now enrolled at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary to be better equipped to disciple new believers. Her passion to see the youth grow in their walk with Christ has also led her to serve at Forest Community Church as one of the youth pastors.

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